Books For Yours(h)elf

Hey Guys!

It was no secret that I love reading books. I’m gonna tell you the beginning of my reading adventure. Well, this is kind of embarassing, because the first book I’ve ever read was …. Eiffel I’m In Love. Hahaha not really my first book tho. I mean, I read books before that, but that book was the reason why I really enjoy reading. I read it in one sitting, and that was new record for me at that time. It was what made me excited to read more books until I bought my first book, which I forgot what it was. Anywaaays, one book lead to another and voila!

books from mys(h)elf! ;p

The first two pics are Indonesian books or translated ones and the last is English language ones. Imported books are pricey here in Indonesia. The black plastic bag is the copy of Instyle UK October issue. I bought it for my friend. I have more books and comics but I stored it in the attic. Because as you can see, my shelf is starting to bend because all the books I have. I’ve been known as a girl who never lend any of her books, and if I have to, it must be a person I trust to care enough not to ruin my books. I think lots of people who loves books has the same problem like me.

There are books that I haven’t read it yet. I know, I know. I’ve been a reading slump lately and there are sooooooooooooo many books on my to-be-read list. I need to get together and start reading again.

Confession, I am so bad at giving book a review. I mean, I can only do it with stars meter. But if I have to put it in writing about how’s the character and the plot story etc, no no honey boo boo. Hahaha I know, I’ll learn how to do it somehow. Because when I read a great book, I want people to read it as well so we can discuss it. And what way to do it other than writing a review? Rite?

I saw a post on Tumblr, I don’t know who said it (please tell me if you know) but it was a quote that saying

“Don’t buy books for your shelf, buy them for yourself”

See you, guys!


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