Hell(O)ctober !

Hi Everyone!

Wow October is already here. Time does flies so fast. I really need to get together and graduate this year. Hmm is that even possible? But nothing is impossible rite? Enough with the heavy.

I wanna tell you guys that I hate my neighbor. Not that interesting, but let me tell you why. Here in Indonesia which most people are Muslim, we are gonna celebrate Eid-al-Adha by sacrifice a lamb. Depends where you lived as long as its halal. In Saudi Arabia they sacrifice a camel instead, and most people here sacrifice goat and cow.

So this neighbor of mine sell goats for the occasion and they keep their goats on their yard which is in front of my house. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SMELL?! Ughhhh the smells even reached my dining room which is ewwwww… makes me lose the appetite. I cannot believe how ignorant they can be. Can they sell it elsewhere where the smell cannot bothering everyone in the neighborhood? I wish I could take a picture and show it to you. Maybe next time.

Moving on, I recently received a package from my international friend. I just don’t know how to say it. She is so nice, I was literally cried when I opened the package. I don’t know how to repay her kindness. Look what she sent me

That is 19-month Snow White and The Huntsman Calendar, The Twilight Saga Complete Film Archive, and a Snapback from Mercenary Merchandise.

haahaha sorry, just enjoy my half face. I love love everything she gave me. I wish she’s here so I could give her my special hug.

Oh I got a new cat. Well not new though, my brother got it months ago as replacement for my last cat that died in the pet shop. Her name is Cemong or I like calling her Mong. hahaha here she is…

She really loves hiding. Last time I caught her hiding in my closet. Check out my Instagram to see her video comes out of my closet and many more.Here she’s hiding in my drawer ..

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Until next time,

Bye bye!


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