Review: TonyMoly Eggpore Shiny Skin Soap

I was in need of new facial soap (because before I used a product from my skin doctor). So when I saw this new TonyMoly outlet in my local mall aaaand I don’t know that this product is quite famous (lol). So I went inside and holy crapiola the stuff they have there is so friggin cute!  ALL OF IT. But they’re a bit pricey since its from Korea. Anyways, back to my mission to find a new face soap, I picked this one because I have oily skin (LIES! I picked this one because of the packaging alone at first. lol) and the lady who works there said that is okay for my skin type.

Lets talk about the packaging first, it came in two eggs-shaped soap in an egg container (HOW CUTE IS THAT?!).

ImageSurprise, Surprise! When I went to the cashiers, the Lady said that this product is on promo ‘buy one get one free’. So, Yay Me! But, I don’t know how this product going to work on my skin, so I decided then to give the free one to my best friend. Because who needs 4 face soaps?!? Clearly not me.

ImageUse the white one in the morning and brown one at night. The white one to brighten your skin and the brown one to tighten your pores.

I LOVE how this soap on my skin. It leaves my skin feels so soft after using it. It has strong scents too. But it doesn’t last on your skin which is another plus. I don’t realize the difference after using this product, but I received a comment from my friend that my skin indeed look brighter. It doesn’t break out my skin either. I mean this product doesn’t magically stop all the acne, but it keep my acne under control. Especially during that time of the month. 😉

I would recommend this to everyone that has oily skin. But i wont repurchase this because like I said before, its a bit pricey here. For my Indonesian fellow, you could find these product at Pondok Indah Mall 1, Mall Taman Anggrek, etc. For you who doesn’t have TonyMoly in your place you could order online here.


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