Shopping with Maya

Maya and I decided to check out the new mall “Lotte Shopping Avenue” in Kuningan. Seriously guys, Indonesia is like malls everywhere. I’m not even kidding. Especially, the city I live in. But this new mall is not like common malls. When I walked in I was like “whoa there! where the hell I am?” Its like I’m not even in Indonesia. Because this mall has this unique concept. Like they put everything based on categories. So if you wanna buy bag, there this direction that will lead you to bag section and then there are all kind of bag brands you could possibly imagine. If you wanna food, they put all kind of food you want. If you want Japanese food it has their own section, or like Burger joints they have their own section too. So you don’t have to waste your time wandering around the mall when you want to decided what food you want to eat. So helpful for first timer like us. And then we went to the duty free. I know, I know. You guys probably wondering why the hell duty free doing in the downtown? Why not airport? So freaking weird right? Actually the lady who works there explained it to us why. I kinda forgot why but I think it because this mall is adoptedΒ  their concept from Korea, and in Korea they put their duty free in the mall too. So we required our Passport and Airplane Tickets and then we can have our purchases delivery straight to the airport. For Indonesia, we have to make sure our flight is in the terminal 2. So if not, just bye bye. And you know what I’ve found?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



So Maya asked me to find if they have Balenciaga counter because she was busy looking for face mask. I was all like come on no way they have Balenciaga here but I did find it anyway just in case. And BAM! When I was all kinda upset and about to call Maya that they don’t have it, IT WAS FREAKING THERE IN FRONT OF MA FACE YOU GUYS. They put it under the Jimmy Choo’s counter. That is why I missed it. Maya and I was trying to tone down our inner Kristen’s fangirlΒ  a bit. I swear to God if the lady did not standing there next to us I was ready to jump up and down like a little kid. We spray the perfume on our wrist and let me tell you I LOVE IT! Its not even because we are Kristen’s fans. It because we just like that flowery fragrance in general. Its really soft and not too strong. We’ll definitely gonna buy it. *fingerscross*

floraboner highHere was Me and Maya at Sushi Tei. We were Florabotanica high. We keep sniffing our wrist like crazy and laughing like idiots.


These were our sushi. Nom Nom Nom ;9

I did buy two things from our shopping trip. Wintery slippers and wallet. Because you know my old wallet was so not proper to use anymore. Because the leather is starting to peel off. So yeah I’m so needed a new ones.

photo 1 photo

The wallet – Accessorize

Please just pretend that you guys did not see Mong and her bowl on the background. haha. BUT OMG HOW CUTE THIS WALLET?! an owl head on the front and the cute polkadot detailing just make it more perfect.

photo 2

The slipper – Uniqlo

I love to apply moisturizer on my feet before sleep to keep my feet hydrate in the morning. And this slippers are just perfect. ❀

After we ate we decided to.. yes went to another mall because that just how we roll. hahaha. We wanted to check out Pull&Bear, Zara and Stradavarius. Because Lotte doesn’t have it. Like I said that mall is just unique. They don’t even have Starbucks you guys. I meant, I don’t find any Starbucks store there. So weird.

We went home. I took train from there. And there’s this girl (maybe my age) in front of me were so obnoxious cleaning her feet with hand sanitizer? Gross and weirdo.

At the time I got home, I feel hungry again so I peel of some mangoes cut them to small pieces and put it in the freezer about ten minutes. And voila!

photo 3

See guys! πŸ˜€


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