Raining on My Parade

Its been long time since I updated my blog. I know, I know, I promise to update as soon as I can fixed my hard drive. Well, I did. I recovered some files (all of them are my photos) but there rest is no hope. They were corrupted already. And I was so sad because that hard drive was my whole life. Everything was in that hard drive.

Now moving on, I can’t believe it is November already. Its raining everyday here. I can’t even go out. I already planned to go out today but BAM! Its raining with lightning and all that jazz.What a bummer.

Everyone is so busy with my sister’s wedding. I don’t even have my outfit for the wedding yet. Aghh and my mom is gone for teacher training stuff and I miss her so much. I hope she passed all her test *fingers crosses* I know she can do it.

Well, guess I’m gonna spend the day with watching Sex and the City!






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