November Favorites 2013

I know, I know. I skipped October favorites. It because I still using the same products I used in September. ha ha 😀 There are not that much products though, but I will share it anyway so here it is.


Victoria Secret Pure Daydream Fragrance Mist & Victoria Secret Pure Daydream Hand and Body Cream. I was planned to buy the fragrance mist only, but the lady who works there being so good at her job said to me that the fragrance will last longer with the hand and body cream. Well, since she was so nice about it and not being rude or whatsoever so yeah I caved and bought it. And I LOVE IT. And yes it last like all day. 😀


FITBAR. OH MY GOD! I’ve been obsessed with this nutrition bar. I’m always hungry, like every time. Like my mouth won’t stop chewing like a fricken pig . Especially in the middle of the night but I don’t really want to cook or go out of my room. hahaha I know! I’m such a lazy bum. You have no idea how many boxes I’ve been through with this snack. I love the Raisin and Raspberry flavor ones. YUM

– Sun-Maid Raisin. hahaha I know! Some of you might find it weird that I’m snacking on raisins. lol Its tasty! You guys should try it. I blame my mom for this. She’s the one who start this obsession. But now I’m thankful that she did. 😀

TV Series

The Carrie Diaries. Its the prequel to the Sex and the City series. Focus on Carrie Bradshaw during her junior year of high school in 1984, and she explores life in New York while interning at a law office. AnnaShopia Robb is so good as Carrie. I love it


The XX.

Thanks to Aliya who introduced me to their music. I love all of their song from Coexist Album.

That’s it. I’m gonna share my fave book in another post. :p

see you guys!


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