Its Caturday !

Every Saturday I’m gonna talk about my cats…or just cat in general 😀

So about a month ago I guess, my cousin got this really cute 2-months-old-kitten from someone. Her husband named the kitten “Rambo” . Rambo is this cute little ginger cat. Unghhh I wish I could keep him. He’s also really smart, really funny and oh-so-fluffy! He follows around my cat Gabak. Gabak is also a ginger cat like him. So I think Rambo thought Gabak is his father. LOL you guys we’ll see what I mean.


IMG_20140101_210116IMG_20140109_142022 IMG_20140107_104100 IMG_20140109_113221

See what I meant? For anyone who doesn’t know must be thinking that they’re legit father and son. But nope. They’re not. Rambo is at my cousin’s house out of town. He just stayed like a week or so in my house. So its not like I could visit him if I miss him.*sad*


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