Is that…….fried ginger? WHAT!

It’s been months since I ate sushi. The last time I eat sushi was like October last year and I’m too lazy to go to Sushi Tei. Because the nearest Sushi Tei from where I live is at Pondok Indah Mall and it takes an hour or so to get there ‘___’ Ain’t nobody got time for that. Why they don’t open a new store say like…. in Cilandak Town Square or Pejaten Village? It would make my life much easier to satiate my crave.

I remember my friend posted picture of this sushi on her Instagram and she said she loved it. So last week on Valentines Day I decided to to go and have one. Also its located near my home in Cilandak Town Square (see Sushi Tei? It could have been you if you have a store there). I ordered the exact same sushi, “Crispy Spicy Tempura Roll” It was regular shrimp roll covered in seaweed and deep fried it? (ahahaha I am so bad at describing things). It served with wasabi, drizzle of spicy mayo on top of the sushi, and….fried ginger! WHAT??????


At first I thought it was like vegetables tempura or chips. And I love vegetables tempura, so without a doubt I shoved it all in my mouth until when I was about to swalllow…Bang! My throat was burning because I realize it was ginger. I HATE GINGER! I am literally terrified by it. Thanks to the cleansing diet. The sushi itself taste okay. Nothing special about it.

But no worries, three days later I went to Sushi Tei with Maya (SHOCKING) . hahaha so I’m no longer craving for it now.

sushiWe ordered Baby Octopus, Salmon Crispy Aburi, Tuna Salad Mentai (I think that’s the name ahahaha ), and Udon Ni Cheese


Tell me what is your favorite sushi?

See you guys later, bye!


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