First Impression: Curél Ultra Healing Lotion


Come meet my new savior for my dry skin, Curél Ultra Healing Lotion ! I’ve never heard about this product before, but the reviews I saw on the internet are so great! People are loving it. I’ve been using this product for three days and already fell in love. What I love about it is this product absorbs really fast. Unlike other lotion that will leave you that greasy feeling. Even when you wash your hands, you  feel the lotion still there on your skin. Ugh I hate it when lotion does that. Like my Victoria Secret body lotion. Its so thick that i prefer to use it before bed so the grease doesn’t bother me because I’m sleeping. LOL. Curél is so perfect for daytime lotion. I applied it on both my hands and face in the afternoon, and my hands still feel smooth in the evening. I don’t really notice the different on my face though. Oh, I have this bumps or some kind of acne on my thigh. It hurts when I walk or sit. So I applied Curél on that bump thingee. It doesn’t hurt anymore the next day and the bumps not magically disappear, but it was getting smaller. Woot!

I even used this on my lips. Its moisten up my lips sooooo much. Oh and thank god this product doesn’t have that weird tastes or scents. So that’s okay to apply it on my lips. I even read that we can use it on our hair! So I tried that too. But I can’t tell the different because i use other products to my hair as well.

Is it worth it? YES! Will I repurchase it? Maybe 🙂

For those who live in Jakarta you can find Curél Ultra Healing Lotion at Grand Lucky Store.

Price: Rp. 65.000,-



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