Review: Florabotanica by Balenciaga


Let us take a moment of silence to say thanks to God that I finally own this perfume *internally crying tears of joy*

I’m pretty much obsess with this particular perfume. First of all, look at the box design, this is the coolest design I have ever seen on perfume box. Artsy. Rare botanical flowers all over the box. I’m sold just by looking the box, like seriously. Now onto the bottle designs


Like the box is not cool enough already, the bottle is even cooler! The oversize tube with black and white stripes pattern what caught my eyes first. And if you can see the slightly pink and purple(more like blue-ish) at the edges of the bottle is otherworldly cute. I have no idea how they did that!


Now what bothered me a little is its all black cap so I have no idea where to spray the moment I have it my hands. But other than that everything is perfect. I love the scents, surprisingly. Its so fresh, rosey, and light the first time you spray them, but its getting stronger (maybe because it mixed with my own scents) during the day. It last longer. So I don’t feel the need to spray them over and over in a day. This might be my signature scents from now on.

And of course despite all of the things I have said above, the main reason why I bought it in the first place was because of this particular woman

Duh, it is so obvious :p

I recommend this perfume to all women out there. You won’t be disappointed 😉


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