Reading Classics

I am one of those people who can’t get themselves to reading classics. For me personally, it because I’m intimidated by the language or how chunky they are. Also I never have to read classics in school because its not a part of education here in my country. Having a mom as an English teacher most people would think I’ve read all the classics books out there. Welp I wish. Besides intimidated by the language, the reason why I can’t read classics is because how boring-looking the books are. Not just that, the fonts are also so small.

photosee what I’m talking about?

I hope publisher will considered this matter the next time they want to publish new edition of classic books. So, people like me would read it and educate ourselves in literature. Yeah, I can feel the judgments already.

“Oh my god, I read classics like in two days”

“Oh my god, I read classics like when I was in Junior High School”

“Oh my god, I never read romance book”

“Oh my god, you are so lame. I never read Indonesian books ever because its cheesy as fuck and it made my head dizzy”

yeah, basically.

Well, that’s great if you are able to read classics book, I salute you. Just because you read classics, you don’t have the right to mock me for what I read. I hope people would stop being obnoxious for a second. As you can see, I’m reading Pride and Prejudice in Indonesian language now and liking it so far.  Someday, I wish i get to read the english version ones.

See you!


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