Writer’s Block? Errr…

Hey guys! What is up?

Geez, it been bajillion years ago since I sit down and just writing for my blog. As you probably noticed, I keep posting book reviews or books related post on here. Which is okay, because that’s one of the reason why I created this blog. But I want my blog to be some kind of diary that I can look back, not just about book you know. It’s not like I don’t have anything to write, trust me, I have tons of topic list I want to write for this blog. I even pre-writting some of them on my notebook. Like I wanna talk about why I don’t trust pet shop to take care of my cats, talk about my driving lesson experience, my current obsession, things that i love, or simply what’s happening in my life. But, I just can’t get my butt off Pet Rescue Saga and Youtube. Every time I want to open my wordpress page to post something, I go to those two sites instead 😦 .

I’m trying to cut back my time on internet. Not completely, just simply less time on twitter and hopefully, hopefully my time on Youtube as well. Baby steps. So far, I’m good staying off twitter. I’m only twitter during Germany football match. Yes, I’m rooting for Germany,  I have always been rooting for them as long as I can remember. Even though half of people I follow on twitter hate Germany. That’s why its so much fun on twitter during their match Lol.

Its 3 AM here while I’m writing on my bed with Mong sleeping soundlessly on the window sill (not really, because she keeps falling off. lol), waiting for sahoor, because its Ramadhan now. Speaking of Ramadhan, I have love-hate relationship with it. Love it because of religion reasons of course, hate it because…people choose this time to be some kind of reunion event. You know, break fasting together a.k.a meet up with people we never meet on daily basis. But being me, the antisocial person I am, I hate it. I don’t know how to communicate with human. I only want to stay at home reading book or watching Youtube.

Besides that, I’m on tight budget now. Really, I wish they find a way to make money grows on trees.

I mean, its 2014 for god sake! Flying cars should have been invented now.

Anyway, my mom been calling me –for the third time now, that the meal is ready. I hope you all have great day. See you guys later!


P.S: Which country do you root for World Cup? Please let me know in the comment 😀



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