Audiobooks… Is This The End of Printed Books?

Hey guys! What is up?

Today I wanna talk about something that has been on my mind months ago. If you familiar with Youtubers such as Tyler Oakley and the likes, they have been promoting for over a year (maybe?). Basically is place where we could purchase an audiobook, so people who doesn’t have the time to sit and read, could just listen to it. I know it’s weird. I’ve been iffy about the whole concept of “listening to a book” because to me, books are supposed to be read, not to be listen. Besides, I would have a problem getting into the story as well (I already have that problem in printed books, let alone audio one).

But hey, at least give it a try doesn’t hurt anybody right? Especially when offered free trial for the first 30 days for 1 book. So yeah why the heck not? But the thing is, which book I should choose? Because there are like bajillion books. After thinking about the pro and con, I decided to purchase a book that I have already read, I choose Divergent. Why? Because I don’t have to think about getting into a story to the book I have already read, also I could listen to it while reading the actual book to practice on how to pronounce a certain words. And its worked out really well. I love it. But would I prefer audiobook now that I have tried it to the actual printed book? Hell no. I love holding my books, take them to the bed, hug them, and sometime I sniff them. (lol I swear this is not a fetish)

How about you guys? Do you prefer listen to your book or reading them?


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