Caturday: I’M A GRANDMA?!

Friday, 14th November 2014 my cat, Mong, delivered her first babies. I remember it was around 7-ish AM I’ve found her hiding under my vanity table, unable to stand up, labored breathing. My first thought was like “OMG what am I gonna do?” I never helped a cat delivered their babies before!”  I was total freak out. Eventually I calmed little bit and knowing that Mong really needs my help and with me panicking clearly not gonna help her at all.

I took Mong to my bed because I didn’t prepare any box whatsoever yet and I’m not gonna let her have her babies on the floor.

07:34 AM Mong had her first kitten. It’s a male. His name is Jacob Black or Blackie as my mom would like to call him

09:28 AM. Second kitten. It couldn’t make it 😦 RIP

10:28 AM. The third Kitten. Its a female. Her name is Cecil. She looks exactly like Mong 😀

14:07 PM. The last kitten. Her name is Bull.

I can’t believe on 14th February they would be three months old. God… I still can’t believe that Mong is a mom now. I just can’t. My family didn’t even believe me when I told them that Mong was pregnant. LOL. She was just this teeny tiny cat. I’m so happy for her. She will always be my baby though.

LOL. It looks like she’s carrying a bag pack


My parents wanted to give them up for adoption, but my brother wont let it happen. So guess who had to take care of them little cute kitties? yep me. I’m glad tho. Because I feel attached to them already. I watched them being born for God sake! But having three kittens wasn’t easy. I have to deal with messy (even messier than my already messy room) everyday. Cat toys everywhere. Even my iPhone charger.

I can’t even mad at them. One look at their cute face, my anger goes away.

I hope they would grow up to be big, healthy and happy cats.

I made a little video of them. Sorry about the quality though.

Have a nice Saturday,

See ya!


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