TV Show: The Big Bang Theory Season 8


Season 8 started with Leonard and Amy pick up Sheldon in a train station in Kingman, Arizona because all of his possessions stolen.  Amy is mad at Sheldon because he left without telling her and asked Leonard to pick him up instead of asking her. Bernadette got Penny a job interview as a salesperson at her pharmaceutical company and she got the job even though she did horribly in interview. Sheldon said his journey made him ready to deal with change, and oh boy, what a change he would have to deal. He kissed Amy first, he said I love you, and he planned to propose Amy. But we will get back to that later.

I must say that this season is focusing on Shamy relationship. We could see how Sheldon slowly change to be more ~ normal? LOL Probably not the best word to describe that but you know, he finally follow what his heart tells him this whole time.

So far, this is the best season. I also love the tribute episode for Mrs. Holowitz. Also turns out Howard have a half-brother? I would love for him to make a come back on the next season.

They left us with a huge motha fucka cliffhanger. Shamy is breaking up! SHAMY! MY PRECIOUS OTP! UGH. They were on their fifth anniversary, everything was fine, they were making out or to quote Sheldon “Necking” at the couch until he opens his mouth and asking Amy wether he should starts The Flash TV Show or not. Amy was so mad because even on their fifth anniversary Sheldon just can’t for one second to give all of his attention on Amy. She just can’t handle it anymore so she decided to take a step back and take a break from their relationship <//////////3. OH AMY IF ONLY YOU LET SHELDON TO TALK BECAUSE HE WAS ABOUT TO PROPOSE YOU UGHHHHHHHHHHHH.

But now I think about it, Sheldon deserved to suffer a little bit. Because now he had to fight for Amy and get her back. Fight for her and tell her that you desire her the she desires you NOT just to make her happy. TELL HER YOU WANT TO HAVE COITUS WITH HER.

That’s my thoughts on The Big Bang Theory Season 8. Do you have any favorite moment from this season? Mine was when Sheldon said ‘I Love You’ to Amy for the first time. Tell me what’s yours in the comment below 😀


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