To All The Books I’ve Loved Before

*peeks into my dusty blog* Hello. Yes, it’s me. I know it’s been a long time since I posted my last blog-post. 8 months to be precise–thank you WordPress for pointing that out! :P. I’m not even gonna bother to tell you why I stopped posting. It’s the same ol “I Forgot My Password” when we all know I’m just being lazy.

Happy New Year by the way! Here to the fabulous year that may come for us!



Okay, the main reason I write this post is because I’ve been disappointed by some of my favorite authors. I’ve been thinking about this all night. Whether I should post this or not. Because I don’t wanna write this post driven by anger. But the more I think about it, the more I wanna do it. So here it goes.

Two days ago, Variety Magazine tweeted an interview with Kristen Stewart with a misleading headline –a controversy one at that. And that lead to other outlets to pick it up and basically drag Stewart to the mud. Attack her, calling her racist etc etc. IF they care enough to read the entire article/watch the video she’s not talking about people of color at all. She was actually addressing about gender pay.

It took Variety Magazines long enough to delete the wrong headline tweet one even though they already tweet the correction ones. They knew full well what they’re doing. Truth is the damage is done. Nothing we can do about it anymore.

Anyway, back to those people who called her racist, SADLY, I saw some of my favorite authors among them.


Worst part is, their reaction is solely based on Variety’s tweet. Not even bother to read the article, or know the full context of that interview. Aren’t writer supposed to know better the concept of “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” ? or in this case, UNDERSTAND the whole context before responding to something before they jump on the hate bandwagon? Or all those books they wrote about female empowerment is all crap? Because judging by their behavior they are so quick to point their fingers to tear down other woman. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.


Wow. Even after two days later, as I’m writing this, I still feel somewhat sad and angry. I’m so heartbroken. I’m not even gonna tell you who they are. Because they aren’t worth mention on my blog anymore. And yeah, not gonna buy their books from now on too. I even thinking to donate all of their books that I own. There are still others books that WAY better than their books. I tried so hard to separate the artist from their art, but this is hard limit. Maybe someday when I’m old enough to forget about this. But the thing is, I never forget.

So, To All The Books I’ve Loved Before, it’s not your fault that I don’t love you as much anymore. Thank you for all the sad, anger, and joy that I’ve got from you. I’ll never forget that experience. I’m sure there are other people who’s gonna love you more than I do.


Until next time,

Virna Aryanita.




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