TV Show: The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 14 “The Meemaw Materialization”

Last night The Big Bang Theory coming back with a new episode. In this episode we finally meet Sheldon’s Meemaw! After hearing about her from Sheldon all this year, like Leonard said, It’s so excited to finally get to see her. We can totally see how much Sheldon adores his Meemaw. He’s letting her to sit on his spot on the couch! Even Amy never sit on his spot. Her visit this time none other was trying to scare off Amy. But Amy packed up a good punch. She doesn’t let Meemaw intimidate her. And this put Sheldon in a difficult situation. His Meemaw even ask him about the engagement riing and that shocked Amy because she had no idea that Sheldon was gonna propose her. But in the end Sheldon confronts his Meemaw and said how much Amy means to him. Awww. Seeing how much her grandson really love Amy, she finally back down and gave them the blessing.

On the other hand, Raj meet a new girl—Claire, a bartender working on a sci-fi screenplay for a children’s film—in a comic bookstore. They met when Raj and Howard was in the middle of debate about Frozen. She asked Raj to meet her because she wanted to pick his brain about science to help with her story plot. That left Raj unsure about Emily, Bernadette and Howard warn him that Emily would upset if she found out about this. But after Raj called Claire on the phone and tell her his situation, she said it was cool, what’s wrong with two adults having coffee together and nothing would happen? But we know Raj, the moment she said they had a vibe, he already imagining planning their marriage. We’ll see how it goes in the next episode. But for me personally, I prefer Emily.

Until next time,

Virna Aryanita


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