TV SHOW: You’re the Worst Season 3

Season 2 ended with Gretchen telling Jimmy that he dropped the “L” words to her while he was drunk. So when he wake up, Gretch, said “I love you, too” to Jimmy. So we started this season with Jimmy denying that he said the L word to Gretchen. Until she said to Jimmy that she doesn’t care if Jimmy doesn’t love her back, she always has one foot outside of the door anyway. Then, finally, Jimmy said ” I love you”. I love that their relationship has reached to another level.

Jimmy lost his dad in this season, acting all tough and like nothing happened, as if he was relieved that his dad finally dead. But we all know, deep down he was so sad. Now that his dad gone, he would never got that approval [of his job as a writer] he yearns so much from his father. So Gretchen decided to take Jimmy to have some closure about his dad departure before they take their planned “cruise with famous Instagram pets” together. But nothing works.

Until one day he decided to write a list of pros & cons of everything in his life either to keep it or leave it, including Gretchen. Gretchen has been trying to see what Jimmy writes about her in his list and they ended up reading their list of pros & cons about each other. Each is horrified at the other. They leave separately.

The last episode of this season made me wanna slap Jimmy so hard that he would come to his senses already. Gretchen already give so much for him, always be there for him beck and call. But he’s still acting like a coward. Can’t he see? They both are fucked up, but they NEED each other. But this time Jimmy fucked up BIG.TIME. You can see how deep the scars his dad/family gave him.

I can’t wait to see season 4. Jimmy better be grovelling. I want him to suffer. Gretchen deserves better.


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