Choco Hazeln~oat


I currently reading Vampire Academy series. Because my friends literally shoving these series on my face every time we talk to each other ageeesss ago. And recently I start to read it. It slightly boring at the beginning of the first book, but hang in there and keep reading, because we always save the best for the last rite? haha I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m on the second book now, can’t wait to find out what happened next with Rose and Lissa.

So while I’m reading I need something to keep me company. What is that other than hot chocolate? I know most of you would be prefer coffee, but I don’t like coffee so don’t judge me, capisce? Its basically just 2tbsp of Chocolate Powder, Oats,and 1tsp -wait for it- YES! Hazelnut Nutella. IT IS SO FLIPPIN AMAZING. OUT OF THIS WORLD. ITS OH MY GOD I don’t know how to describe it. For someone who have sweet tooth like me would love this so much.

So, what is your favorite drink while reading novels?

P.S: oh don’t forget to check my friends blog Maya’s Cookbook. She has lots of awesome recipes and so easy to make even for a beginner like me. 😉