TV SHOW: You’re the Worst Season 3

Season 2 ended with Gretchen telling Jimmy that he dropped the “L” words to her while he was drunk. So when he wake up, Gretch, said “I love you, too” to Jimmy. So we started this season with Jimmy denying that he said the L word to Gretchen. Until she said to Jimmy that she doesn’t care if Jimmy doesn’t love her back, she always has one foot outside of the door anyway. Then, finally, Jimmy said ” I love you”. I love that their relationship has reached to another level.

Jimmy lost his dad in this season, acting all tough and like nothing happened, as if he was relieved that his dad finally dead. But we all know, deep down he was so sad. Now that his dad gone, he would never got that approval [of his job as a writer] he yearns so much from his father. So Gretchen decided to take Jimmy to have some closure about his dad departure before they take their planned “cruise with famous Instagram pets” together. But nothing works.

Until one day he decided to write a list of pros & cons of everything in his life either to keep it or leave it, including Gretchen. Gretchen has been trying to see what Jimmy writes about her in his list and they ended up reading their list of pros & cons about each other. Each is horrified at the other. They leave separately.

The last episode of this season made me wanna slap Jimmy so hard that he would come to his senses already. Gretchen already give so much for him, always be there for him beck and call. But he’s still acting like a coward. Can’t he see? They both are fucked up, but they NEED each other. But this time Jimmy fucked up BIG.TIME. You can see how deep the scars his dad/family gave him.

I can’t wait to see season 4. Jimmy better be grovelling. I want him to suffer. Gretchen deserves better.


TV SHOW: The Girlfriend Experience Season 1

The Girlfriend Experience

I spent my Saturday binge watching this. The Girlfriend Experience is about a law student–Christine Reade–in Chicago who just lands an internship at the law firm of Kirkland & Allen. She struggles between job, classes, and paying rent. The season started with Christine visit her friend–Avery–at the hotel ordering room service asking for the most expensive drinks. Later on, Avery reveals that she is an escort girl and encourage Christine to tag along and introduce her to a friend of her clients.

Christine eventually makes the decision to work as an escort initially working for Avery’s madam Jacqueline, until Jacqueline screw Avery over by cleaning out her bank account which resulted Avery took all of Christine’s jewelries and money. It pisses Christine off so she decided to do this escort thing on her own and left Jacqueline.

This show didn’t really catch my interest that much, the laws stuff bored me to death. At least not until episode 9. The moment when shit hits the fan. I mean, even with all the problems that had happened to Christine, I wasn’t satisfied with the way they solved it? I find it sexist. But that’s how it is in the real world and I understand that. BUT STILL.

I hope it gets better in Season 2 tho (If there’s any) because I still want to know what’s next for Christine??

TV Show: The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 15 “The Valentino Submergence”

I just finished watching the new episode of The Big Bang Theory. O boy, o boy.

So in this episode our beloved characters are spending their Valentine’s Day with their significant other. Penny and Leonard spending their Valentine by having a romantic dinner but…they got into a long waiting list. Penny told Leonard to bribe the Maître D with money and he failed miserably. Penny tried to flirt with the Maître D only to find the guy referred her as a “Ma’am” and it’s like a wakeup call to her that she’s not that young anymore. They got out of the restaurant and went to get Cheese Burger instead—while finding something on the internet how to spend Valentine’s Day like young people.

Meanwhile Raj, still have doubt about Emily now that he met a new girl—Claire—whom he went to had a coffee with. He ended up breaking up with Emily and go to the new girl only to found out that she just got back with her boyfriend. Raj was devastated over that and regretted his decision now that he’s going to be alone on Valentine’s Day.

From my beloved OTP ever aka Shamy, they spent their Valentine by hosting first-ever live-show ‘Fun with Flags’. And Sheldon gave Amy a gift by adding her name to the name of the show. But not quite what she’s hoping for. They minute they went Live, Raj called them and asking about relationship instead of flag questions. Sheldon was so bummed about it but then Amy called him out on that and tells him to be more sympathetic since he knows first-hand how hard breaking up can be. I love how Amy could put Sheldon in his place. Sheldon told Raj that he’s grateful he’s gone through the break up, because that’s what make his relationship with Amy stronger than ever. Awww.

In the Wolowitz household, Mr and Mrs spend their Valentine with breaking in the new hot tub. But when Howard set the temp of the tub, he saw a rabbit flopping around in it. They saved the rabbit and named it ‘Valentino Wolowitz Rabbit’. The rabbit bit Howard and he’s freaking out—afraid that he’s gonna catch rabies from the wild rabbit. He goes back to the house and get ready to go to the Hospital, that’s the moment Bernadette told the rabbit, wait for it, THAT SHE’S PREGNANT. Omgomgomgomgomg. This is huge. Howard had been wanted to have kids for so long, I can’t wait to see his reaction. I knew they would be the first couple who’s going to have a baby.

So what do you think about this episode? What is your favourite part? Mine is all of them.

Until next time,

Virna Aryanita

TV Show: The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 14 “The Meemaw Materialization”

Last night The Big Bang Theory coming back with a new episode. In this episode we finally meet Sheldon’s Meemaw! After hearing about her from Sheldon all this year, like Leonard said, It’s so excited to finally get to see her. We can totally see how much Sheldon adores his Meemaw. He’s letting her to sit on his spot on the couch! Even Amy never sit on his spot. Her visit this time none other was trying to scare off Amy. But Amy packed up a good punch. She doesn’t let Meemaw intimidate her. And this put Sheldon in a difficult situation. His Meemaw even ask him about the engagement riing and that shocked Amy because she had no idea that Sheldon was gonna propose her. But in the end Sheldon confronts his Meemaw and said how much Amy means to him. Awww. Seeing how much her grandson really love Amy, she finally back down and gave them the blessing.

On the other hand, Raj meet a new girl—Claire, a bartender working on a sci-fi screenplay for a children’s film—in a comic bookstore. They met when Raj and Howard was in the middle of debate about Frozen. She asked Raj to meet her because she wanted to pick his brain about science to help with her story plot. That left Raj unsure about Emily, Bernadette and Howard warn him that Emily would upset if she found out about this. But after Raj called Claire on the phone and tell her his situation, she said it was cool, what’s wrong with two adults having coffee together and nothing would happen? But we know Raj, the moment she said they had a vibe, he already imagining planning their marriage. We’ll see how it goes in the next episode. But for me personally, I prefer Emily.

Until next time,

Virna Aryanita

TV Show: The Big Bang Theory Season 8


Season 8 started with Leonard and Amy pick up Sheldon in a train station in Kingman, Arizona because all of his possessions stolen.  Amy is mad at Sheldon because he left without telling her and asked Leonard to pick him up instead of asking her. Bernadette got Penny a job interview as a salesperson at her pharmaceutical company and she got the job even though she did horribly in interview. Sheldon said his journey made him ready to deal with change, and oh boy, what a change he would have to deal. He kissed Amy first, he said I love you, and he planned to propose Amy. But we will get back to that later.

I must say that this season is focusing on Shamy relationship. We could see how Sheldon slowly change to be more ~ normal? LOL Probably not the best word to describe that but you know, he finally follow what his heart tells him this whole time.

So far, this is the best season. I also love the tribute episode for Mrs. Holowitz. Also turns out Howard have a half-brother? I would love for him to make a come back on the next season.

They left us with a huge motha fucka cliffhanger. Shamy is breaking up! SHAMY! MY PRECIOUS OTP! UGH. They were on their fifth anniversary, everything was fine, they were making out or to quote Sheldon “Necking” at the couch until he opens his mouth and asking Amy wether he should starts The Flash TV Show or not. Amy was so mad because even on their fifth anniversary Sheldon just can’t for one second to give all of his attention on Amy. She just can’t handle it anymore so she decided to take a step back and take a break from their relationship <//////////3. OH AMY IF ONLY YOU LET SHELDON TO TALK BECAUSE HE WAS ABOUT TO PROPOSE YOU UGHHHHHHHHHHHH.

But now I think about it, Sheldon deserved to suffer a little bit. Because now he had to fight for Amy and get her back. Fight for her and tell her that you desire her the she desires you NOT just to make her happy. TELL HER YOU WANT TO HAVE COITUS WITH HER.

That’s my thoughts on The Big Bang Theory Season 8. Do you have any favorite moment from this season? Mine was when Sheldon said ‘I Love You’ to Amy for the first time. Tell me what’s yours in the comment below 😀