Caturday: Ulit & Viella’s Photo Session :D





Caturday: I’M A GRANDMA?!

Friday, 14th November 2014 my cat, Mong, delivered her first babies. I remember it was around 7-ish AM I’ve found her hiding under my vanity table, unable to stand up, labored breathing. My first thought was like “OMG what am I gonna do?” I never helped a cat delivered their babies before!”Β  I was total freak out. Eventually I calmed little bit and knowing that Mong really needs my help and with me panicking clearly not gonna help her at all.

I took Mong to my bed because I didn’t prepare any box whatsoever yet and I’m not gonna let her have her babies on the floor.

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Caturday: First Lick by Jimmy Fallon

Its Caturday!

How y’all doing? Hope you and your beloved cats are doing great.

I just wanna share a quick post with you guys. You all had seen the famous “First Kiss” video right? It was what people talking about last week.

The video was so good, lots of sexual tension and made me wanted to grab a stranger and make the hell out of him. HAH (If there was a book based on that video, I would buy it in a heartbeat!) Lots of parody made based on that video. My favorite was the one Jimmy Fallon made. Instead of 20 strangers, he asked 20 puppies and kittens instead.



ugh. Get a room you two!

Have a nice Saturday, bye!

Big Cat Love

When I was a kid, my sister used to tell me someday that she’s gonna adopt a tiger to be her pet. Either that or frikkin shark. You know, like the guy in Despicable Me, that has shark as his pet. I never see the appeal to own a wild animal like that. Honestly, being born to the family who loves cat, own a tiger as a pet is kinda cool. But would I actually adopt it? hahaha no. Because what if I forgot to feed them and then its angered them and eat me? nononono. I would be just fine to have Mong as my cat.

Couple days ago I saw a video about big cat. Its called BobCat. In this video the big cat gave this little boy a hug. Like, the big cat snuggled the living days out of him. So adorable. I wish my cat Mong was adorable like that. Mong is one grumpy cat. She doesn’t like being hold. She will hiss or growl at you. No one would come near Mong except me. Because she only likes being around me. πŸ™‚

Back to the bobcat video. My heart goes ‘awww’ when I saw it, but at the same time I was like, “Oh my god, what if that cat eat him? What if that cat scratch him with its big claws?” hahaha so silly I know. Because the cat is domesticated by human. It wont hurt the boy. Well unless, the cat is hungry. ahahaha! πŸ˜€



So adorable isn’t it?


See you guys later, bye!




Its Caturday !

Every Saturday I’m gonna talk about my cats…or just cat in general πŸ˜€

So about a month ago I guess, my cousin got this really cute 2-months-old-kitten from someone. Her husband named the kitten “Rambo” . Rambo is this cute little ginger cat. Unghhh I wish I could keep him. He’s also really smart, really funny and oh-so-fluffy! He follows around my cat Gabak. Gabak is also a ginger cat like him. So I think Rambo thought Gabak is his father. LOL you guys we’ll see what I mean.


IMG_20140101_210116IMG_20140109_142022 IMG_20140107_104100 IMG_20140109_113221

See what I meant? For anyone who doesn’t know must be thinking that they’re legit father and son. But nope. They’re not. Rambo is at my cousin’s house out of town. He just stayed like a week or so in my house. So its not like I could visit him if I miss him.*sad*