Virna’s Update: What Happened in 2016?

I hope you all are having a fantastic holiday!

Can’t believe it’s another new year.

New Year. New resolutions… or in my case, not-that-new-of-resolutions-but-lets-call-it-new -anyway 😛

Nothing much happened for me in 2016. Well, first, I graduated from Uni and somehow I managed to got a job afterward. Not so shabby. But still, it’s not the job I love. But who does really? Most people I know doesn’t really love their job. At the end of the day, we have to put food on the table to live.

Second, I rediscovered my love for Korean Drama again. Since it’s been quiet in Kristen Stewart Fandom, I need a place to use my fangirl energy hahaha. I’ve seen 9 Korean Dramas in 2016 after being hiatus from it.

You must be wondering why was I in a hiatus in the first place?

Well, back then when I was in HS, internet was a scarce thing [I know, I know, it’s so hard to believe], it’s so difficult for me to keep track of my favs’s news about their drama/movie. I literally have to buy this magazines for all Korean stars if I want to keep up to date and it cost like Rp. 50.000 back then. That amount might be nothing now, but at that time it was everything. I can buy a lots of things with that amount of money. So I decided to leave the Korean fandom. And by the time I got easy access to Internet, I was already in too deep in Twilight/Kristen Stewart Fandom hahaha … so yeah, that’s the reason why I was in a hiatus. I blame [more like grateful] Descendants of the Sun for breaking my hiatus. Hahaha.

So if you were confused as to why I suddenly posted something about Korean Drama…now you know. My friend, Maya, even gave me a list of all Korean Dramas I need to watch in 2017 xD gotta love that bitch.

And the last two things I wanna tell you guys is of course about my cats. My friend recently just adopted one of my cat [since I have too many and I ran out of space also money], Olaf. Here he is in his new home


I hope you are happy in your new home. And please don’t hate me. Your new owner will love you [if not more] as much as I do :). Be a good boy, okay? I love you, Olaf.

Before I go to the last thing, I wanna tell a little backstory. So few months ago, my cat, Ulit, went missing. I must say I overreacted, because she’s back after two/three days later. Cat wander around the neighborhood all the time. IT’S A CAT FFS. But the thing is, I live in a neighborhood where most of the people here hates cats. They wont hesitate to poisoned your cat and left it on your doorstep, just because they don’t like your cat walking around at their garden. Either that or stole it and sell it {since my cat is a Persia mixed Angora breed]. And recently, she went missing again. It’s been nine days since she left home. I really miss her stupid face so much 😦



I miss you, Ulit.

Whew, I didn’t want to start this new year with sadness. My hope is if indeed someone took her, they will take care of her better than I do. It’s the hardest thing to do to let you go, Ulit. Anyway, if you are interested about what I have read in 2016, you can read it here.

By the time this post is up, I’m on a vacation with my family in Batam.

Happy Holiday!


A/N: All of gifs belong to the rightful owner.  None of them are mine.


MOVIE SUNDAY: The Handmaiden



The Handmaiden wastold from three different part. First one, a con-man disguised as “Count Fujiwara” hires Sook-Hee as a handmaiden for a Lady named Hideko. Sook-Hee’s job is to make Hideko falls in love with Count Fujiwara. One thing lead to another they fell in love with each other instead.

There were some girl-on-girl action that was so intense to the point I got a little bit uncomfortable because it feels too real for me, like I was invading their intimate moments or something.

The twist and turns in this movie had me shook a little bit but on the other hand I saw this coming. Overall, it was a good movie. Although, I just can’t imagine watching this in a movie theater.

Bioderma Travel Kits



Watsons is having a 35%  discount for Bioderma Travel Kits. There are Hydration Travel Kit and Sensitive Skin Travel Kit. Of course like a true Bioderma sucker that I am, I bought the Sensitive Skin ones. Besides I don’t have money to buy both, their Sensibio H20 Micellar Water is what works better for my skin. I’ll tell you why  in another post.


The other reason why I bought for the Sensitive Skin was because I got a lot more products (that I haven’t try before) with the same price. So no brainer.

Inside the Sensitive Skin Travel Kit:

  • Sensibio H20 Micellar Water 100ml
  • Sensibio Tonique 10ml
  • Hydrabio Serum 5ml
  • Sensibio Light 15ml
  • Photoderm MAX SPF 100 5ml

Everyone and their mother knows that Bioderma products are a bit pricey. So make sure you wont pass up this opportunity.

But now even better,

because Bioderma Indonesia will send you a free product by joining MyBioderma!


Easy, just take a picture of your receipts and include your User_ID  >  Upload the picture  >  wait for validation email and you’ll get 1 purchase  >  collect 6 purchases and you could choose your free Bioderma Product!

Go to for more information. This is Indonesia only. I’m so sorry for my international reader 🙂



Caturday: I’M A GRANDMA?!

Friday, 14th November 2014 my cat, Mong, delivered her first babies. I remember it was around 7-ish AM I’ve found her hiding under my vanity table, unable to stand up, labored breathing. My first thought was like “OMG what am I gonna do?” I never helped a cat delivered their babies before!”  I was total freak out. Eventually I calmed little bit and knowing that Mong really needs my help and with me panicking clearly not gonna help her at all.

I took Mong to my bed because I didn’t prepare any box whatsoever yet and I’m not gonna let her have her babies on the floor.

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Audiobooks… Is This The End of Printed Books?

Hey guys! What is up?

Today I wanna talk about something that has been on my mind months ago. If you familiar with Youtubers such as Tyler Oakley and the likes, they have been promoting for over a year (maybe?). Basically is place where we could purchase an audiobook, so people who doesn’t have the time to sit and read, could just listen to it. I know it’s weird. I’ve been iffy about the whole concept of “listening to a book” because to me, books are supposed to be read, not to be listen. Besides, I would have a problem getting into the story as well (I already have that problem in printed books, let alone audio one).

But hey, at least give it a try doesn’t hurt anybody right? Especially when offered free trial for the first 30 days for 1 book. So yeah why the heck not? But the thing is, which book I should choose? Because there are like bajillion books. After thinking about the pro and con, I decided to purchase a book that I have already read, I choose Divergent. Why? Because I don’t have to think about getting into a story to the book I have already read, also I could listen to it while reading the actual book to practice on how to pronounce a certain words. And its worked out really well. I love it. But would I prefer audiobook now that I have tried it to the actual printed book? Hell no. I love holding my books, take them to the bed, hug them, and sometime I sniff them. (lol I swear this is not a fetish)

How about you guys? Do you prefer listen to your book or reading them?