Movie Sunday: Spider-Man: Homecoming

I just wanna say that I’ve never read Spider-Man comics. Any Marvel nor DC comics. I guess I just didn’t introduce to it when I was young. Anyway, I came watching this with my lowest expectation. Because, out of all the Marvel heroes that I’ve watched, I’ve never been a fan of Spider-Man. He just… too angsty for my liking. *whisper* Teenage angsty boys are the worst! I was expecting it to be; got bitten by a spider, uncle Ben died, and the girl he was crushing with got kidnapped by the bad guy, yada yada yada. I mean, I literally meant to watch this just because of Tony Stark made an appearance, and that’s it.

Boy, I don’t want to give a spoiler, but man oh man, I can definitely say that Spider-Man: Homecoming is the best Spider-Man movie so far. Peter Parker in this movie is more…fun. For once, he’s not as angsty as the other two. I actually like him. Don’t even mention his scene stealer best friend. And the twist at the end…*slow clap*

Also don’t forget my sexy man, Tony Stark. His appearance is not as many as my liking, but hey, better than none. I love that he is some kind of father figure/mentor to Peter. It was hysterical and sweet at the same time.

Please do yourself a favor and go watch this movie. Tom Holland really did a great job in it. I hope we get to see more of Zendaya in the next movie. She was awesome! I really like her character. If she is what I think she will be, this would be legendary!


Oh, and Aunt May is young and really hot.



Nurismaya14 (Maya) and I are going to do our first collaboration post–after all these years! Maya writes about traveling, beauty, books and many more! You better give her some love 😉


Maya also has a cooking blog. Her post always makes me hungry and has inspired me to cook for myself xP


We’ve been friends both online and real life for as long as I can remember. Despite our mutual love of Kristen Stewart, we both love watching Korean Dramas. Thanks to her for rekindling my love of Korean Drama.

We gathered some questions about Korean Drama online and added some of our own. Our taste in Korean Drama most of the time are different, so it will be fun to see each others answers from this tag.

Here we go, Korean Drama Tag!

No matter how many Korean Dramas I’ve watched and loved, I always comeback to Princess Hours [Goong]. Words cannot express how much I love this drama. Most iconic Korean Drama ever. Don’t fight me 😛

q2Hmmm… I have too many. But if I have to choose, maybe Chef Kang Sun-woo [Jo Jungsuk] from Oh My Ghostess! Imagine having a chef for your life partner? Yummy foods for the rest of your life. LOL

q3I love Yoon Seo-jung [Seo Hyunjin] from Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Her spirit to become a good doctor like Kim Sabu—despite her shortcomings—is inspiring.

q4Choi Young-do from The Heirs. His character is so witty and has those bad boy’s attitude we all love. And I’m actually rooting for him with Kim Tan more than Kim Tan with Cha Eun-Sang. xD

q5Hyung-sun, the eunuchs [Royal Servant] from Moon Embracing the Sun. His interaction with King Lee Hwon always cracked me up. Especially whenever he’s shouting “Your Majesty” every time Lee Hwon tricked him to do something, so Lee Hwon could slip out of the palace without the guards following him. Hyung-sun is so witty that often time the King annoyed by him and then saying his famous line “Turn Around!”

q5Lyn – Only One Day (Mask OST)

My [unhealthy] obsession with Lyn started with this song. And from this song, I discovered ‘My Love from the Star’.

q6I forgot who said it, but this line from Emergency Couples will always be my favorite Korean Drama line:

A perfect life doesn’t exist. Unexpected accidents happen in life and we make irreversible mistakes, too. But every time we fall and get hurt in life we definitely find ourselves changed in the midst of it. We realize other people’s pains or we realize ourselves maturing. Wouldn’t it really be like the beginning of love? So.. even if we keep making mistake and failing. We’ll keep growing and challenging ourselves.

and bonus because I’m greedy :p

Kang Dong Joo from Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. My favorite traits of him is his straightforwardness. He doesn’t beat around the bush. xD

Is it not okay? Is it not okay for me to fall heads over heels for you?

Most of the lines from Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim are so good tho. I also like the one when Kim Sabu said to Dr. Kang:

Don’t expect them to change if you don’t change yourself

q7Mask: It’s about a woman who switched place with her doppelgänger and ended up marrying her doppelgänger’s the “crazy” fiancé. Also how she always stand up to her new-‘crazy’-husband, no matter what. Even when everyone turns their back on him.

Kill Me, Heal Me: This drama incorporates dissociative identity disorder and child abuse elements as pivotal topics. Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) is a third-generation business heir who developed dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder) in the aftermath of several life-threatening traumatic events. He tries to regain control over his life with the help of Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung-eum), a first-year psychiatric resident who helps him secretly.


It’s Okay It’s Love: A story about people having mental illness always fascinated me. We, society, always see people with mental illness as a crazy person or didn’t see it as an actual illness. When in fact, it be could so dangerous for those people who has it and other people around them.

q8Hmmm, I can’t say Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim again huh? LOL.

I will go with Descendants of the Sun then. When Capt. Yoo Sijin and Dr. Daniel “accidentally” broadcasted Dr. Kang Mo-yeon’s confession to Captain Yoo Sijin on loud speaker for everyone to hear. Not exactly “I Love You” but still 😛

q9My Love from the Star [red carpet kiss] : It was just so passionate without looking gross. Because sometimes passionate kiss could look so gross, like the man ate the woman’s entire face or too much tongue xD.


W – Two Worlds [handcuff kiss] : It was so hot … ‘Nuff said xD

q10W – Two Worlds. I won’t get too specific, but glad that they end it that way.

q11Hmmm… Stairway to Heaven. The plot grosses me out. I know they are not blood related, but fall in love with your own step-sister is a big no-no for me.

q12Princess Hours. Like if I don’t feel like watching anything, Princess Hours always puts me in a good mood. I watch Princess Hours at least once a year.

q14Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. I cried buckets of tears in every episodes. [Most of the times] Both Kang Dong-joo and Yoon Seo-jung struggles always brought me to tears.

q15Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I couldn’t stop laughing throughout its episodes. Park Bo Young really did a great job portraying Do Bong-soon.

q13The Heirs. Both of the main characters annoyed the living out of me. Scratch that, all of the characters are annoying except Lee Bo Na, Yoon Chan Young, and sometimes, Choi Young Do.

q14Kim Soo Hyun. His  choices of roles is always different with each projects. He always nailed it and make it his own. He is one of those actor who doesn’t care if he looks ugly on camera as long as he could do his characters justice. No matter how big or small those roles are.

Honorable mentions: Ji Sung [but he only best playing a dramatic roles], Jo Jungsuk, and Lee Jongsuk.q15Jun Ji Hyun. I prefer her in film than in drama, because her roles are more varied. She only did like 3 or 4 [?] dramas, but I [only] liked her in My Love from the Star than her recent drama. Her role as Cheong Songyi was so iconic.

Honorable mentions: Gong Hyo Jin, Seo Hyun Jin and Hwang Jung Eum.

q19Yeo Jin-goo. Ever since I saw him in Missing You with Kim So Hyun, I’ve been eyeing what he is up to. Recently, I just watched him in Moon Embracing the Sun, and he was so good portraying a Crown Prince. I can’t wait to see more of him in the future.

q16I wouldn’t say the worst, but sometimes, some actors/actress are nothing but a pretty face. That’s all I’m gonna say. xD

q17W-Two Worlds: Kang Cheol and Oh Yeon-joo. Despite all of the obstacles that prevent them to be together, when they did have time together, it was too sweet and bad for my teeth.  LOL

q18The Heirs : Kim Tan and Cha Eun-sang. They shouldn’t have been together in the first place. Lack of chemistry. Don’t even mention their worst kissing scene they did in the kitchen closet. One of the reason why I stopped watching Korean Drama until last last year.

q19Full House. It was so popular during my middle school years.

q20It’s Okay, It’s Love.

q21I normally don’t ship Korean Celebrities, but if I had to, I wish Lee Jongsuk and Han Hyo Joo dated in real life. They’d make a cute couple.

q26Lee Kwang Soo and Park Bo Young in a romantic-comedy drama. Their heights difference would be so ridiculously cute  XD They have been in a movie together, although Kwang Soo wore a fish mask in most of his scenes.

q22 Stairway to Heaven. No. Just no.

q23The Devil. Might not be Shin Min Ah’s finest work, but a story about a shady lawyer pique my interest.


Easy. Kingkong Entertainment.. Because that’s where Yoo Yeon Seok sign in. LOL. But in all seriousness, I would choose Keyeast. They have a bunch of talented actors and they are so good at managing their artist. Also having Kim Soo Hyun as my Sunbae is not a bad idea. *shrug*

q30While You’re Sleeping starring Lee Jongsuk and Bae Suzy.

Circle starring Yeo Jin Goo.

There you have it, my answers for this Korean Drama Tag. I have so much fun answering these questions. Tell me in the comment down below ‘What’s your anticipated Korean Drama you want to see this year?’ 😉

Don’t forget to  check out Maya’s blog if you wanna know her answer here 😉

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Virna’s Update: What Happened in 2016?

I hope you all are having a fantastic holiday!

Can’t believe it’s another new year.

New Year. New resolutions… or in my case, not-that-new-of-resolutions-but-lets-call-it-new -anyway 😛

Nothing much happened for me in 2016. Well, first, I graduated from Uni and somehow I managed to got a job afterward. Not so shabby. But still, it’s not the job I love. But who does really? Most people I know doesn’t really love their job. At the end of the day, we have to put food on the table to live.

Second, I rediscovered my love for Korean Drama again. Since it’s been quiet in Kristen Stewart Fandom, I need a place to use my fangirl energy hahaha. I’ve seen 9 Korean Dramas in 2016 after being hiatus from it.

You must be wondering why was I in a hiatus in the first place?

Well, back then when I was in HS, internet was a scarce thing [I know, I know, it’s so hard to believe], it’s so difficult for me to keep track of my favs’s news about their drama/movie. I literally have to buy this magazines for all Korean stars if I want to keep up to date and it cost like Rp. 50.000 back then. That amount might be nothing now, but at that time it was everything. I can buy a lots of things with that amount of money. So I decided to leave the Korean fandom. And by the time I got easy access to Internet, I was already in too deep in Twilight/Kristen Stewart Fandom hahaha … so yeah, that’s the reason why I was in a hiatus. I blame [more like grateful] Descendants of the Sun for breaking my hiatus. Hahaha.

So if you were confused as to why I suddenly posted something about Korean Drama…now you know. My friend, Maya, even gave me a list of all Korean Dramas I need to watch in 2017 xD gotta love that bitch.

And the last two things I wanna tell you guys is of course about my cats. My friend recently just adopted one of my cat [since I have too many and I ran out of space also money], Olaf. Here he is in his new home


I hope you are happy in your new home. And please don’t hate me. Your new owner will love you [if not more] as much as I do :). Be a good boy, okay? I love you, Olaf.

Before I go to the last thing, I wanna tell a little backstory. So few months ago, my cat, Ulit, went missing. I must say I overreacted, because she’s back after two/three days later. Cat wander around the neighborhood all the time. IT’S A CAT FFS. But the thing is, I live in a neighborhood where most of the people here hates cats. They wont hesitate to poisoned your cat and left it on your doorstep, just because they don’t like your cat walking around at their garden. Either that or stole it and sell it {since my cat is a Persia mixed Angora breed]. And recently, she went missing again. It’s been nine days since she left home. I really miss her stupid face so much 😦



I miss you, Ulit.

Whew, I didn’t want to start this new year with sadness. My hope is if indeed someone took her, they will take care of her better than I do. It’s the hardest thing to do to let you go, Ulit. Anyway, if you are interested about what I have read in 2016, you can read it here.

By the time this post is up, I’m on a vacation with my family in Batam.

Happy Holiday!


A/N: All of gifs belong to the rightful owner.  None of them are mine.