A rich “bad boy” falls in love with an innocent but tenacious woman who went to prison for her boyfriend’s ‘hit and run’ murder. As story unfolds, secrets begin to reveal. [Wikipedia]

Because I just can’t get enough of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum, their pairing in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ left me wanting more. A twitter friend told me about this drama. Which was the first drama they’ve collaborated with.

The writer of this drama happened to be the same person who wrote for ‘Mask’. I noticed right away some similarity  between these two dramas. I love Mask, one of my favorite drama I’ve watched this year. So I trust the story would be [at least] good.

These two leads, HJE and Ji Sung, really work together really well. But there weren’t many romance scenes together, because Min-hyuk was busy denying his feeling for Yoo-jung. So I get why people want more from them after watching this drama. And luckily they worked together again in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’. They both are one of my favorite pairings.

Kang Yoo-jung [Hwang Jung-eum] went to prison for her boyfriend who did a hit and run that ended up killing Jo Min-hyuk’s [Ji Sung] girlfriend, who was pregnant at that time. Min-hyuk feel like the punishment that have been given to Yoo-jung is not the same with the loss he feel for his dead girlfriend and his baby. He determined to make her life [if not more] as miserable as he was.

I didn’t like Yoo-jung for the most part of this drama. She was just too naive and gullible.  How could someone to be that stupid really? Sacrificing her life for someone who doesn’t really love her. Even her boyfriend’s family didn’t like her. A perfect example for love is blind. But at the second half of the drama she started to piece together the clues and find out the ugly truth behind it. Nonetheless, HJE played the role really well. There’s no denying that.

Meanwhile Jo Min-hyuk was really a brat. I get that he just loss the love of his life and his baby, but even before the car accident, he was already unbearable. He keeps denying his feeling for Yoo-jung. I was so frustrated at him >.< … He got better along the way of course.

Ahn Do-hoon was so money hungry, heartless monster. Don’t even mentioned his mom. I guess it’s true what they say, that apples doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Really. Every time she’s on the screen, I just want to throw her off of a cliff. How could someone do that despicable things to another human being? Even after what Yoo-jung has been sacrificed for that family. I’m happy with what they’ve got in the end. Both mother and the son, got the ending they’ve deserved.

I must say I’ve had predicted the biggest twist, I nearly fall for the lies but I ended being right. Ha!

Overall, it was still a good story. Show how much people would do anything for money and power. No matter how many sacrificed other people did for them. Or that having a long time relationship means that the other person still love you the same. Instead of love, they might see you as a burden, a rock, that needs to be kick over for blocking their path.

A/N: All of the pictures and gifs belong to the rightful owner.  None of them are mine.


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